Rebus City, Bitch.

Rebus Sketches – Scan #1 – Top three are classics to get you in the Rebus game, but the rest are originals. This one has 4 architecture puzzles, 3 drumming puzzles, and 2 general squares.


Rebus Sketches – Scan #2 – Keep in mind that many of these are just not too good – hence why they are sketches. Architectural knowledge will help with most of the below.


Rebus Sketches – Scan #3 – All pretty general, but you can’t get one of them if you don’t know Syracuse University.


Rebus Sketches – Scan #4 – My scanning skills are not the best.


Rebus Sketches – Scan #5 – A TV show, two Star Wars, some office specific, and architecture and some general puzzles.


Rebus Sketches – Scan #6 – Not my best (scanning or puzzles) but they are all pretty general.


Rebus Sketches – Scan #7 – Some of these are pretty good; Some architecture (and it’s software programs), a band name, a drum set one, ect ect. I’d be impressed if you can get the bottom left corner puzzle – it’s beautiful but difficult.


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