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We kinda just threw a toprope down, and climbed up where it fell… I think we may have made up our own router, but it was still my favorite of the weekend. Below is Parnas sending it home.

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Digital Climbing Rebuses

First attempt at making these digitally – I think they came out pretty clean, but you better be up on your climbing vocab to get any of these!

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Rebus Rebus Everywhere.

Rebus Sketches – Scan #8 – The right on the left are pretty general, but the eight on the right… you might have to have some rock climbing experience to understand.

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Cajon Table – Raw Footage

Some raw footage of the Cajon Tables, synchronized with the audio track. Hopefully this video will start to get done now. See the full project here.

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Rebus City, Bitch.

Rebus Sketches – Scan #1 – Top three are classics to get you in the Rebus game, but the rest are originals. This one has 4 architecture puzzles, 3 drumming puzzles, and 2 general squares. Rebus Sketches – Scan #2 – Keep … Continue reading

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For my first act….

A series of my favorite jokes. Man, this list never ends. What do you call a man with no arms and no legs…. …on your front porch? Matt. …or outside your shower? Same thing. …in your mail box? Bill. Or on your table … Continue reading

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