Coding Challenges

Quarentime | 2020

A series of coding challenges, created by Daniel Schiffman at The Coding Train that explore various aspects of visual programming using the p5.js javascript library.

During the COVID-19 pandemic I’ve rekindled my interests in creative coding through these challenges. For each, I have attempted them on my own, watched Daniel Schiffman’s version, then re-evaluated and improved my own solution.

I find it a great way to challenge myself to learn various new programming skills, and contribute my interpretation of each exercise to The Coding Train’s community.

Some of them are a bit laggy here, trying to run all at once, so click on the 'source code' link to access a snappier version


coding, independent

Hyperspace ( source code)

Snake ( source code)

Purple Rain R.I.P. Prince ( source code)

Space Invaders ( source code)

Mitosis ( source code)

Solar System - 2D ( source code)

Solar System - 3D ( source code)

Solar System - 3D with Textures ( source code)

Maze Generator ( source code)

Lorenz Attractor - Butterfly ( source code)

Reaction Diffusion Algorithm ( source code)