211 Mass Ave

Cabridge, MA | 2017 - 2019

The renovation of a 40,000 sqft historic masonry structure from 1904 on 211 Massachusetts Avenue, to complete Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research’s Cambridge campus.

As this project passed through 4 different project managers, I became the only constant and fell into the role of project architect. My main roles involved the coordination of a small internal architectural team, meetings and coordination with consultants and engineers, and BIM management for the project.

Already being a proficient draftsmen and modeler,I feel this project allowed me to grow in many other common architectural roles, including digging into internal budgeting, working with estimators, coordination across disciplines and contractors, navigating local code officials and historic commissions, and plenty of submittals and RFIs.

The projct recieved a 2019 preservation award from the Cambridge Historic Comission

All interior photos were taken by an AECOM contracted photographer.

All work was completed while employed at AECOM's Boston Office.


architecture, professional