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Oswego Space

Professional Practice | 2014

The final project for our architectural Professional Practice class at Syracuse University; We interviewed Paul Viavoda at King+King Architects about their current dormitory renovation project for SUNY Oswego and then had to created a creative presentation about the dynamics of the project. The focus is on the process of the project and collaboration and not the design of the project itself.

We re-dubbed Mike Judge’s Office Space with low-budget voice acting and unrefined editing to tell the story of the project thus far. Each of the parties involved (King+King, SUNY Oswego, DASNY) have their own interests, goals, and motivations. Our project comically portrays these varying perspectives and depicts the story of their collaboration and the resulting successes and conflicts.

In collaboration with:

Lin Chen, Jesse Ganes, Eric LeBlanc, Alex Sabo, Brandon Wagner, Lou Yuxiang, Daya Zhang

With a Special Thanks to: Paul Vaivoda and King+King Architects


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