K'nex Modeling Program

OpenGL Desktop Application | 2013

K’nex are enchanting in a way similar to chess; the rules and constrained proportions are what make them much more difficult to construct with than Legos, but it’s those same constraints that make it fun.

For an Introduction to Computer Graphics programming class the final project was very open, as long as it explored many of the complex techniques of 3D graphics that we studied. Built in C++ with OpenGL, the program utilizes viewports, transformation, complex triangulations, lighting and normals, mouse picking, and more to create a homemade 3D modeling application for K’nex.

Studying the science behind computer graphics helps provide a much deeper understanding of the drawing and modeling softwares commonly used in the architectural practice, and makes one better equipped to fully understand and use those tools to their best advantage; an area I unfortunately feel that not enough design professionals fully explore.


coding / scripting, academic