Cajón Table

Acoustic furniture | 2012-14

The cajón, spanish for ‘crate’, is wooden box drum invented by African slaves in Perú who use to sit atop shipping crates and drum on them with their hands.

For a school project, Andrew O’Niell, Jacqueline Armada and myself interpreted the furniture class final prompt of ‘useable surface’ as a musical one, and designed a table with 12 different acoustic surfaces.

Six short cajóns make up the hexagonal table top, while six more trapezoidal cajons sit underneath and slide right out to be sat upon, played on, or used and drink stands and foot rests.

In collaboration with:

Design and Construction:

Andrew O'Niell, Jacqueline Armada


Michael Ahearn, Nick Valinski, Silas Wallerstein, Matthew Kast, Phil Bongard, Daniel Kaye (me)


Matt Kalish, Alec Hembree, Alex Strzelecki, David Huber

Special thanks:

Sekou Cooke, John Bryant,


furniture, video, academic, independent

Preview video from filming session. Full video to come