Napkins In Firenze


In collaboration with Omal-Hoda Kassim

When asked to analyze a piazza in Florence and produce a folding booklet to display the results, the only logical conclusion was a series of napkin sketches

But actually, after sitting in a cafe drinking wine and coffee and sketching ideas on napkins, we decided to do the entire booklet on them. Luckily every cafe in Italy used the exact same napkins, so we had fun with it.

The analysis is of Piazza S.S. Annunziata, and it's link to the duomo down Via Robbia. The front side has a sketch of each side of the piazza under a section through that loggia, and the entire back side is a section from the Piazza to the Duomo.

In Collaboration with:

Omal-Hoda Kassim


drawings / sketches, academic