Pooltop Dining Table

Syracuse | 2013

We bought an old pool table for $50 from the previous tenants because they didn’t want to move it. Neither did we, and the amount of living space it took up, including the clearance for the cue sticks, was most of our living room.

However, we did need a table for our empty dining room, so Nick Valinski had the crazy idea to just build a dining table over it, so we did.

Made of Maple ply and Walnut, the table was built as a whole and then cut into five pieces. The pieces sit snugly atop the pool table, fitting together with wooden pegs, and slide apart to store neatly under the table. The three middle sections each have a routed-out square for the removeable stone trivets. The end pieces are actually cantilevered off using underside support beams to extend the length of the table.

In Collaboration With:

Nick Valinski


independent, furniture